February 20, 2018


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    The following testimonials are representative comments made by clients for whom we have provided consultation. The clients include attorneys, school administrators, conference participants and individuals. For a full list of testimonials and firms that we worked with please visit EDGMT.com. Likewise, if you are a past client and wish to provide a testimonial for us, you may do so by contacting us on our contact page.


    I thought organization, presentation (i.e. development) of opinion, and identification of issues was particularly effective. I thought your report was superb. Methodical, thorough, analytical, credible — these attributes, in conjunction with your outstanding credentials, render your opinion virtually unassailable; my winning the “battle of the experts” was a substantial factor in bringing about settlement.

    Christopher McGarry, Esq. [Hackensack, New Jersey ]

    Nowell, Amoroso, Klein, Bierman, PC

    On behalf of the victim, Keansburg Police Department, and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, I would like to thank you for your assistance in obtaining convictions of all of the defendants in this matter. The research and journal articles which you forwarded for my review were educational, and assisted me not only in dealing with the victim, but also enabled me to properly evaluate documents provided by the defense.

    Jacquelynn F. Seely, Esq. [Freehold, New Jersey]

    Assistant Prosecutor, Monmouth County Prosecutor

    Dr. Dragan’s opinions and conclusions were all well grounded and supported. It is my opinion that Dr. Dragan’s report, as well as his willingness to come to Hawaii to testify, were instrumental in getting the State to concede on liability.

    Lyle S. Hosoda, Esq. [Honolulu, Hawaii]

    Lyle S. Hosoda & Associates, LLC

    Your report was well-written and thorough. Your testimony at the deposition was beyond expectations. Your expertise and ability to identify the key issues were extremely helpful. Your professionalism and knowledge are superb. Excellent job with no criticism.

    Marty Esquivel, Esq. [Albuquerque, NM ]

    Narvaez Law Firm

    Dr. Dragan was incredibly thorough and creative in his defense of my client, a small private school charged with negligence. He canvassed dozens of similar schools to confirm that they had the same procedures as my client, which greatly surprised and frustrated the plaintiff’s council. His testimony at deposition exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to use Dr. Dragan again in the future.

    Rick Ramsey, Esq. [Jacksonville, Florida]

    Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy, Graham, & Ford, P.A.

    Dr. Dragan’s report was prompt and sharp. His testimony was straightforward and clear. We had an excellent experience with Dr. Dragan.

    Arthur l. Raynes, Esq. [Morristown, New Jersey]

    Wiley, Malehorn and Sirota

    I appreciated your prompt response to my requests for comment and/or critique of expert reports of our adversary. In addition, your insight was helpful in my trial preparation not only as it related to your report and testimony but expertise which permitted me to consider the impact of the newly adopted special education rules in New Jersey. Moreover, your willingness to consider the impact of Judicial Decisions on your report as well as my client’s continued education program were very important to my continued grasp of the issues which we had to address.

    Carl Palmisano, Esq. [Woodbridge, New Jersey ]

    Palmisano & Goodman

    School Administrators

    The report of Education Management Consulting, LLC was instrumental in making many improvements in programs and services being provided for our students who are at risk and classified.

    Board of Education President

    I can clearly state that Dr. Dragan helped to bring about a much needed change in vision and direction to the area of special education in the district.

    Board of Education President

    Dr. Dragan is an expert in education law and regulation. He is highly respected around the state.

    New Jersey State Department of Education Official

    New Jersey State Department of Education

    Dr. Dragan’s analysis and recommendations saved the district money and established better working relationships between departments within the district.

    School Superintendent

    The results of Dr. Dragan’s study gave us direction for managing and improving our education program. I can endorse Dr. Dragan without qualification.

    School Superintendent

    The objective analysis you offered will assist the district in allocating its resources in the proper manner that will best serve students. To perform this work without your assistance would have been difficult and the Board is grateful for your efforts.

    School Business Administrator

    As a result of Dr. Dragan’s direct management of our special education services all annual reviews and new evaluations were completed on a schedule that was well in advance of what has been the case in past years.

    School Superintendent

    Your presentation at The Education Law Association Conference was great! I enjoyed your clear and timely update and found it to be extremely helpful.

    Ann Browning Masters, Ph.D., Education Program Coordinator

    St. Johns River Community College


    We just want to thank you again for all your help with our child custody issue. Thank you for the value you provided and for helping us to get past this and on with our lives. You have provided us with a wonderful service. Thanks!

    Karen Majoris Sr. Manager LogOPS Process Development

    Kraft foods North America

    We would like to thank you so very much for all that you have done for our daughter and all of us. You were here for us during a very difficult time and we are so thankful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Veil


    Conference Attendees

    This was excellent, take this show on the road and educate the masses. “Excellent session on the whole.” “A great seminar!” “An outstanding conference with knowledgeable professionals presenting the material in an understandable manner.” (IDEA, Section 504 and ADA)

    Lorman Education Services seminar attendees

    It was a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to working with you again in producing another great seminar. Congratulations on such a successful seminar!

    Mary V. Nietupski, Director Continuing Legal Education

    Connecticut Bar Association

    I want to thank you for your professional commitment, hard work and valuable time that you invested in this program. Clearly this seminar was a success. (School Violence Issues)

    Sara Dalton

    Lorman Education Services

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