February 20, 2018

Meet Dr. Edward F. Dragan

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    Dr. Edward F. Dragan, Education Expert

    Edward F. Dragan, EdD

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    I have spent more than 40 years in education. At various times in my career, I have been a special-education teacher, served as a public school principal and superintendent, founded an alternative school with a group of disenchanted parents and students, worked as an administrator and teacher in a residential treatment center for children, supervised head start centers, and oversaw reviews of school-level instructional and accountability programs for a large state department of education. I am now a litigation consultant and an expert witness in education.

    When I was in fourth grade, I had problems reading. Overcoming this led me to want to help kids feel confident and learn to the best of their abilities. Eventually, I became a special education teacher. Later, after realizing that a well-run school is crucial to maximizing students’ educational outcomes, I obtained my principal’s certificate and, later, my doctorate in educational administration and supervision. I simply wanted to create an environment that would help kids thrive.

    As a public and private school administrator, I worked toward a goal of helping children learn by creating a school where they could feel safe, secure, and respected. As an administrator, I developed and implemented policies and procedures to assure that this goal was met. When aspiring administrators asked me how to run an effective school, I shared my experience and taught them in graduate-level school administration courses.

    After consulting with an attorney and testifying in court as an expert witness, I decided I would best be able to help schools, children, and families by developing a practice where I could use my experience to review cases involving schools, education, and the supervision of children and provide expert opinions. Shortly after starting Education Management Consulting, LLC, I obtained a law degree with a specialty in education law and have provided consultation on more than 400 cases and testified more than 100 times in courts around the country.


    Our Firm

    Education Expert Witness & Consultant
    Education Management Consulting, LLC

    At Education Management Consulting, LLC, we provide highly individualized, reliable, and prompt service with every consultation. We respond to our clients’ needs personally.

    Education Management Consulting, LLC, grew out of my passion for schools, education, and children. The firm started in 1993 in my living room, and has grown to the point where we occupy a renovated building in historic Lambertville, N.J.

    We provide consultation to schools, parents, and attorneys. Attorneys rely on our firm for consultation and expert witness services for high-profile and complicated cases involving schools and education. Schools contact us to learn how to improve their school climate, to eliminate bullying and harassment of students, and to be sure their policies and procedures promote safety. Parents call us for help with reviewing their children’s educational program and to make recommendations for students with disabilities. Parents’ attorneys also contact us to complete school comparisons when the placement of a child in a school becomes a contested issue in a custody matter.

    We provide services from case inception through resolution. Determining the merit of a case, conducting file review and analysis, compiling expert reports, and offering testimony at deposition and/or at trial are but a few of the services we provide. Through the experience of its founder and principal consultant, Dr. Dragan, and with the support of a highly competent staff, Education Management Consulting, LLC, provides quality comprehensive services in the areas of school safety and accidents; sexual harassment; bullying; wrongful death; hiring, supervision, and retention of personnel; supervision of students; special education; and determination of the best interests of the child in custody matters.

    To talk with Dr. Dragan about a case or to find out how he can provide the expert witness services you seek, call him at (609) 397-8989 or send an email to edragan@education-expert.com.

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